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Rethink to transform. Repensa a Moda starts from the principle of thinking together for a process of education and  awareness. In order to transform habits and move towards more positive socio-environmental impacts, with fashion as a tool for transformation.

It communicates, raises awareness and shows possible and democratic alternatives for a more conscious, sustainable and circular fashion future. Through content, education, consultancy and giving incentives and support to other initiatives and businesses, strengthening this network, and to those who seek to be agents of change.

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Educate and raise awareness about the impacts of the textile and fashion industry. Having fashion as a powerful tool for social transformation with more positive environmental impacts.



To be an inspiration, support and reference in the communication and development of ethical, conscious and sustainable fashion and to those who want to be the change based on their consumption habits.



Think and act in a sustainable way, with social responsibility, ethics and transparency. As an incentive network for all and collaborative, based on respect and trust.

The network that emerged from Ana's movement to share her fashion consumption habits, experiences working in the area and being faced with numerous problems caused by this sector, to know and connect to the stories of those who make a difference and for their purposeful creations, and seeking more sustainable and responsible processes.

Engaged in studies, support and participation in projects and initiatives that contribute to conscious, sustainable and ethical fashion, transforming the lives of people and the planet.

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In 2021, the Repense a Moda project won the Shell Iniciativa Jovem Sustainable Enterprise Seal.  

The Shell Iniciativa Jovem Program is the best entrepreneurial training program in Brazil by UBI Global.
Its mission is to encourage an entrepreneurial culture among young people, accelerate the creation of sustainable businesses and contribute to the generation of employment and income. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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