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collab Studio Trinca and Ana Santana

We have learned to reconnect.
Aligning our peers with our real collective needs.
Reinterpreting time and living the moment.

SEMENTE ('seed') arises from a desire of two women.
To germinate our beliefs and values through the creation and potency of plants.
In harmony with natural cycles, we build clothes that are born from manual and slow processes. Reused vegetable fibers and natural dyeing. To end up in nature itself, closing its cycle, fortifying the earth, hers for her.

We create seed clothes for fertile women.


Idealization and conception: Studio Trinca and Ana Santana

Natural dyeing: Studio Trinca

Design, illustration and video editing: Ana Santana
Seamstress: Risonete de Lima
Model maker: Maria Auxiliadora Borges
Photographer: Diana Grimmer
Makeup artist: Maira Pinto
Models: Edyr Beiral and Jennifer Coutinho

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